Cleaning services in Menorca

We offer our cleaning services throughout Menorca; Mahón, Es Castell, San Luis, Alayor, Mercadal, Ferrerias and Ciudadela.

Limpieza en comunidades de vecinos

Cleaning of neighboring communities

We take care of cleaning the common areas of your neighborhood community; portals, corridors, elevator, etc. These spaces can become a source of infections, endangering the health of the neighbors, so it is important to keep them free of bacteria, in Benechi cleanings we guarantee their complete disinfection.

Business premises cleanings

Proper cleaning of the premises is essential to make a good impression on customers who visit our business. Each location has its own cleaning requirements, we adapt to the needs of each one for an optimal result.

Office cleaning

Keeping the work environment clean is essential for the proper functioning of your company, we spend a large part of the day working, at Limpiezas Benechi we take care that you do it in a more pleasant and clean place.

Cleaning for private homes

Do not spend the little time you spend at home doing cleaning tasks, we take care of the complete cleaning of your home so that when you get home you can relax and enjoy the home.

Limpieza de oficinas
Limpieza alojamiento turistico

Villa maintenance in Menorca

If you have a second residence in Menorca and want to relax during your absence, we take care of the comprehensive maintenance of the home, making periodic reviews and set-up so that you can enjoy it at any time.

Cleaning in tourist entrances and exits

We take care of the set-up of your tourist home, we carry out comprehensive cleaning tasks after the guest’s departure. Any remaining food or drink left by the previous tenant will be removed, both from the refrigerator and from the cabinets. We also offer cleaning service for towels and sheets.


Other services

In order to offer you a comprehensive maintenance service, we have qualified workers to carry out the following tasks:

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